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ManifestSeven aims to disrupt the way legal cannabis gets from A to B by building a "cannabis superhighway" — a fully-licensed logistics network spanning the state of California, and eventually, beyond.

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Experienced Team

M7's team has scaled successful enterprises across many emerging markets and high-growth sectors.

M7 consolidates distribution, delivery and dispensaries into a single omnichannel platform.


Growing Distribution

M7 distributes to 200+ cannabis retailers, covering 88% of California's sprawling market.

M7's retail and delivery brand, Weden, is establishing a foothold across California.

Retail Footprint

Investment Highlights

Unique Business Model

20+ delivery and distribution vehicles in its fleet, four issued and four pending licenses, 140+ employees across three states and 40,000 sq. ft. of property.

Growing Presence

Year over year growth in revenue last year, 300% compound annual growth rate since inception, and eight of nine quarters with sequential growth.

Strong Results

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