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Invest in a Leading Provider of Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Xtraction Services provides mission critical extraction and processing equipment to operators for a minimal upfront payment.

Challenges XS Solves

The industry is capital constrained with limited access to traditional funding sources.

Cannabis and hemp extraction requires specialized equipment that is costly.

Extraction equipment is constantly evolving and requires updates.

Cannabis and hemp companies will need to adopt new technologies to remain competitive.

XS has created a highly scalable model to originate lease and royalty programs through direct and channel sales, and third-party manufacturer relationships.

XS services lease and royalty programs in-house to ensure long-term client retention and to maximize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Managing manufacturing and financing structure allows XS to setup payment terms to maximize returns.

Why XS?

Global Opportunity

Equipment is able to move freely across state lines and international borders and serves the cannabis and hemp industries.

Quick paybacks and high IRR's, along with significant operating leverage and 50%+ EBITDA margins.

High-Margin, Recurring Revenue

Non-plant Touching

Not subject to 280E tax or restrictive legislation.

Extensive experience in specialty finance, mechanical engineering, and underwriting.

Experienced Management

Why Invest in XS?

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Accredited? Download the Investor Presentation. A Company Representative Will Be In Touch Soon.